10 Tips to get Organized in 2017

Happy New Year and Friday! It's already 13 days into the new year and we just got organized enough to create our plan for getting organized in 2017. Many have said 2016 was..."tough" and most are ready to leave the past behind, looking 2017 right in the eye and saying, "let's do this!" We're [...]

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DIY Christmas Light Storage + Organization

It’s December 6th, ’tis the season! If you haven’t already pulled out your holiday decor, you’ve probably thought about it. And if you are anything like us, then you’ve experienced a big mess of string lights that no matter how neatly you wrapped them up last year, they are a nightmare to pull apart. This [...]

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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Day Survival Tips

This time of year is filled with friends & family, cooking & eating, hosting & cleaning, travel and everything between. Ah, the holidays! Love them or hate them, they are upon us and Thanksgiving is just hours away. This year we are thankful for the successful launch of Hang'em ups, our wonderful customers and these amazing [...]

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The Right Way to Hang a Sweater – in 5 Easy Steps!

Have you been hanging your sweaters as you would a regular shirt? Guess, what we the sweater hanging solution that will prevent stretched sweater necks, pinched shoulders, and other unsightly creases and kinks that come from hanging your sweater the old fashioned way. In just five steps you'll have perfectly hung sweaters! [...]

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Moving Made Easy: 10 Tips from Hang’em ups

Moving is an exciting time, always the beginning of a new adventure and full of possibility. While a move can mean so many exciting things for your future, it can also mean a little stress and some overwhelming moments in the present. Follow the top ten tips from Hang'em ups to keeping your move simple [...]

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The Worst Moving Hack of All Time

Moving is the worst! Packing all your belongings into boxes, just to haul them to a new destination and unpack them all over again, stinks. Not to mention the hours of prep, cleaning, and money spent - all adds up to one big headache. Traditionally packing up your home has consisted of boxes, packing paper, [...]

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Hang’em ups Fall Clean Out Tips

Who came up with the idea that all cleaning, organization, and purging should be done during one time of the year? Is Spring really the only time to execute a massive home clean out? We say, "No!" We clean out our closets seasonally and now that the air has gotten crisp, the leaves are changing, [...]

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Getting Organized

Given the time and money spent accumulating a personal wardrobe, taking time to store clothing properly, both to protect and prolong the life of your clothing, is a wise investment. Do these closets look familiar? If you’re like many people, your closet is probably cramped, aesthetically challenged, disorganized, or all of the above. It can [...]

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