Easy to Use

For everyday use to long term storage, Hang'em ups are an affordable solution!

Perfect for any home or business

No matter your needs, Hang’em ups are the perfect clothing storage solution.


Our sturdy bags can be used year-after-year. Just one package can store and move up to 50 garments.

Built for re-use

Hang’em ups stand up to the harshest elements. Protect your clothing with our space-saving design.


Hang'em ups patent pending design is made from recycled materials and are 100% recycleable.

Hang'em ups are good

Each portion of our profits is donated to research for pancreatic cancer.

Store More...Pay Less!

With Hang'em ups!

Hold up to 50 garments

For just 19.99

What Client’s Say

Hang’em ups have been so amazing!!! I have used them for our numerous moves, they are great garment bags and they are perfect for storing my wedding dress. I would suggest this product to anyone and everyone!!!
Kelly Rose Day, Customer
Packing all of my belongings and moving every year during college was very stressful. Luckily, I had Hang’em ups to help me move all of my closet contents smoothly and effortlessly. On top of making packing and moving easy, Hang’em ups are very useful long term and seasonally as they keep my clothing contained and dust free when they are not needed. Hang’em ups are clear so I can easily find what I am looking for while my clothing is packed. I highly recommend hang ‘em ups for moving, packing, storing, and traveling with hanging clothes! They are the best!
Lisa Diestel, Customer
These hold 4 men’s suits perfectly…I travel a lot and by using my hanging suitcase and Hang’em ups I can pack for a 7 day trip…
Kirk Kelly, Customer
I love this product!!! Hang’em ups have come in handy for multiple occasions. I keep my fancy dresses in them so they stay fresh and moth-free, my husband uses them as a garment bag when he travels and we used them during our many moves!! They are so easy and efficient! I’ve fit about 20 shirts in one bag! I will use these forever!
Gina Spaulding, Customer
I love Hang’em ups! I have moved 5 times in 4 years, before Hang’em ups I was using bags that didn’t fit, easily ripped, and were an overall inconvenience. Now that I’ve found Hang’em ups, I’ll never go back.
Jill Brines, Customer

Hang’em ups are Perfect For:

Hang’em ups are ideal for businesses! From mobile styling to fashion retail, Hang’em ups will protect your inventory while transporting or in storage. Make space in your back room or organize your garment rack – Hang’em ups will help keep your business organized and inventory safe.
Moving can be a long and painful process, especially when trying to move the contents of your closet. Moving boxes are bulky and other solutions are just plain expensive. Hang’em ups are not only convenient and affordable, their space-saving design and durability make moving your wardrobe a breeze.
Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Hang’em ups are the perfect travel companion. Keep your suits neat and tidy for business trips or protect your sundresses from co-mingling with sandy shoes. Whatever your traveling needs, Hang’em ups will save space in your suitcase and keep your clothes clean.
We know space and storage is highly desirable in any home, closets in particular. Seasonally organizing your wardrobe with Hang’em ups will save you space and shield your clothing from the elements. Feel confident storing the clothing you aren’t using in the darkest attics to the dampest basements.